Our Services

Bondholders specialises primarily in providing bond trustee and loan agency services covering various asset classes under different international jurisdictions including: English, NY law, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese Law as well as various other jurisdictions.
Our experience covers various transactions types, including EMTN Programmes, High Yield Bonds, Emerging and Alternative Markets Bonds, Green and Masala Bonds, Project Bonds, Securitisations and Structured Finance.
We tailor our products and services to comply with the requirements of the relevant legislation and transaction needs.


Bondholders is one of the leading European providers of professional independent bond trustee and Agency services.

Our professional Commissioner services are fully compliant with Royal Legislative Decree 1/2010, of 2 July (Corporate Law), Royal Legislative Decree 4/2015, of 23 October (Securities Market Law) and related legislation.

Bondholders Limited is an English Trust Corporation under rule 30 of the Public Trustee Rules 1912 (as amended).

Bondholders also offers a comprehensive set of Trustee and Security Agency services on Bonds, Loans and other finance transactions covering various asset classes under different international jurisdictions.


Bondholders provides fully independent loan agency services, performing all the duties of the loan administration under various international jurisdictions.

  • Primary point of contact for the various stakeholders and parties, and management of the communication flow between the borrower, lender or lender syndicate and advisers of the financing.
  • Manage complexity by coordinating different stakeholder’s expectations.
  • Review legal documentation throughout the project finance deal cycle. Assist with the implementation of maintenance programs, changes in the maintenance profile and impact on budget.
  • Attend site visits, as required, to assess state and progress of assets and report back to lenders.
  • Chair meetings and conference calls with borrower, project sponsors and lender/lender syndicate.
  • Monitor compliance with conditions precedent and subsequent.
  • Management of the calculation and subsequent communication of flow of funds between borrowers and lenders regarding commitments, repayment of principal, drawdown, interest and fee amounts.
  • Maintain accounting records with the amounts that correspond to the principal, ordinary interest, commissions, fees, costs, default interest, additional costs and other amounts owed by the borrower, as well as with all the amounts it receives in payment of amounts owed by the borrower, in such manner that at all times these shall reflect the amounts owed by the Borrower to the Lenders.
  • Management of amendments, consents, waivers and variation requests.
  • Monitor and control compliance of the borrower’s obligations under the finance documents and distribute all borrower related information and financials to Lenders.
  • Process transfer of positions because of trading.
  • Maintenance of a virtual data room to facilitate secure access to all documentation provided to investors during the life of the financings.
  • Management and coordination of all KYC requirements.
  • Perform relevant escrow agent duties if required.



We go beyond providing these services to being a trusted, proactive and unbiased partner who is engaged, responsive and accessible every step of the way